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We can't believe it's nearly the end of the financial year. So before you submit your receipts for 2016-17, buy any tax deductable RBM tool or crib bag worth over $180.00 and receive a free Tool Kit Bag, valued at $57.50 ea.

(Offer valid til 30th June 2017)

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Combination Tool Pouch Tool Kit Bag MHA Kit Bag
Combination Tool Pouch Tool Kit BagMHA Kit Bag

Manufactured in heavy duty leather, the combination tool pouch is a handy addition to a kit fit out. Suitable to wrap through a 40mm belt loop the pouch comfortably holds a set of long nose pliers and screwdriver.

Also known as the Tarong Bag this bag was designed for all things small. Finished with 1" webbing carry handles, and a zip which runs from one side to the other.

This versitile kit or crib bag showcases a spacious inner compartment with 3 velcro fastened pockets and a large front pocket big enough for an Ipad Mini. Reflective tape and a reinforced base adds to the bags practicality.





G R 3 Electrical Tool Bag 908 Small Fitters Tool Bag JLTB 0915 Field Maintenance Lockable Tool Bag
G R 3 Electrical Tool Bag908 Small Fitters Tool Bag JLTB 0915 Field Maintenance Lockable Tool Bag

A VERY popular choice amongst all trades, the GR 3 Electrical features a centre divider, 2 tool rails, 1 large outside front pocket, side pockets, a reinforced base and padded shoulder strap. Standard colours are Green/Orange Body and Grey Trim.

The Bag has an inner compartment with one tool rail on the back wall, 2 front pockets, reflective tape front and back, a document wallet, a reinforced base and padded shoulder strap.



 A mirror image of the JLTB Electrical Tool Bag but without the centre divider, the field maintenance bag features a spacious interior with 3 large pouches on the back wall and 5 pouches of varying sizes.





JLTB 0915 Lockable Tool Kit Bag BCM 0916 Electrical Tool Bag RHINO Tool Bag Photos
JLTB 0915 Lockable Tool Kit BagBCM 0916 Electrical Tool BagRHINO Tool Bag

The JLTB 0915 has a clear plastic doc wallet, lockable centre divider, 5 large internal pouches, lockable front and large lockable end pockets. Standard colours are Orange Body with Grey Trim or Blue Body with Grey Trim.

The BCM 0916 Electrical Tool Bag. Compact in size but big on features. Wider than our average tool bag it has 2 large front pockets, side pockets, a centre divider with a looped tool rail and a second looped tool rail on the back wall.

One of the most popular RBM Industrial Tool Bags, this monster Electrical Tool Bag has a massive centre, one divider, 2 tool rails with 7 tool slots each, front pockets, 2 side pockets and a document wallet. Standard colours are Red Body and Grey Trim.




P B S 01 Back Pack Saraji Tool Roll Image Large Back Pack - STAN BP 0517
P B S 01 Back PackSaraji Tool RollLarge Back Pack - STAN BP 0517

The generous inner compartment of the PBS 01, is designed to hold items of height (& yes it does fit wine bottles...LoL) 2 front pockets fastened with Velcro & reinforced base as well as 2 adjustable shoulder straps


16 tool slots of varying widths to store a variety of tools. Fastened using 1” webbing & a side release clip


Manufactured in yellow and blue 680g PVC, it's comfortable, with extra padding and large padded straps that won't dig in. Featuring a large external pocket, side pockets, 2 large internal pockets, a drop sheet and a tool rail with 7 tool slots.




B W 06 Back Pack CM 98 Electrical Tool Bag PJV 0217 Field Maintenance Tool Bag
B W 06 Back PackCM 98 Electrical Tool BagPJV 0217 Field Maintenance Tool Bag

The bag features a generous inner compartment, touch tape fastened side pocket and zip front pocket, plus a water bottle carrier with draw string on the opposite side. Stunning detail on back, reinforces the bag.


Medium in size, the CM 98 is BIG on features and has front and side pockets, 2 centre dividers, 5 tool rails, a reinforced base and a large padded shoulder strap. 


The PJV 0217 Tool Bag is 500mm Long and features 2 internal pouches, a clear plastic document wallet, fluorescent strips front and back, 2 large front pockets, a reinforced, hard board base and large padded, adjustable shoulder strap.




Small Tool Kit Bag 0417 HET 0915 Medium Tool Kit Bag small, medium and now the Large Tool Kit Bag (Seen here in Orange)
Small Tool Kit Bag 0417 Medium Tool Kit Bag HET 0915 Large Tool Kit Bag HET 1015

One of the smallest Tool Bags RBM has produced, the Small Tool Kit Bag is a compact version of the Tool Kit Bag and measures just 180mm in length (9"). Fastened with zip, it has 2 x 25mm (1") webbing carry handles.

Pictured here in red the HET 0915 is the medium of the RBM Tool Kit Bags and is so handy as a general purpose carry all bag. Manufactured in Red, Royal Blue or Grey, or you can choose your own colour for just $10.00 extra.


Pictured in orange the largest in the range of RBM Tool Kit Bags, it's so handy you'll wonder how you ever did without it. 1" webbing carry straps and 2 zip slides enabling the bag to be locked, it's compact and practical.




SS 0117 Tool Roll G R 1 Electrical Tool Bag G R 2 Electrical Tool Bag
SS 0117 Tool RollG R 1 Electrical Tool Bag G R 2 Electrical Tool Bag
Manufactured in 680g Tear Stop PVC, this tool roll is a must for any serious tradie. Featuring 14 individual slots of varying widths, the SS 0117 is fastened with a 25mm heavy duty webbing strap and side relase clip. Add that personal touch and...

One of the original in the range that has stood the test of time. The GR 1 has a centre divider with 2 tool rails. 2 end/side pockets, reinforced base & padded shoulder strap


Subtle changes from the GR 1 the GR 2 tool bag is simply bigger. Featuring a centre divider, 2 tool rails, 2 side pockets and reinforced base.





G R 2 Field Maintenance Tool Bag N A S 12 Large Spanner Wrap EM 2 Canvas Electrical Tool Bag
G R 2 Field Maintenance Tool BagN A S 12 Large Spanner WrapEM 3 New Pac Electrical Tool Bag

Being a Field Maintenance, the GR2 FM tool bag has NO CENTRE DIVIDER and only 1 tool rail on the back wall, side/end pockets, reinforced base and a padded shoulder strap.


New to the range this large tool roll fits a set of large imperial spanners ranging from 35mm right up to 60mm with the longest length an awesome 570mm long.

Similar in size and features of the EM 3 ETB, the EM 3 New Pac has a centre divider, 3 tool rails, end pockets,  front pockets plus 2 inner flaps sewn on the inside top of the bag fastened together with touch tape.





EM3 Electrical Tool Bag EM3 Field Maintenance Tool Bag D C 1 Electrical Tool Bag
EM3 Electrical Tool Bag EM3 Field Maintenance Tool BagD C 1 Electrical Tool Bag

Still one of the most popular bags in our range, the EM 3 has end pockets, 2 front pockets & inner compartment with a center divider plus 2 flat tool rails, reinforced base and document wallet. (costs extra)


Similar in size n features of the EM 3 Tool Bag. Inner compartment with NO centre divider, 1 tool rail , 2 outside end pockets & 2 outside front pockets, reinforced base & padded shoulder strap


Smaller than the EM 3 Electrical Tool Bag, the DC 1 is a compact bag, big on features. Standard inclusions are 2 front pockets, a centre divider with 2 tool rails, reinforced and a padded shoulder strap.






KBG 0413 Carry Satchel MIM Tool Roll Image T B 05 Kit Bag
KBG 0413 Carry SatchelMIM 0050 Tool Roll T B 05 Kit Bag

Th KBG 0413 Carry Bag, is a simple design. Featuring a velcro front flap with roomy centre, 2 internal pouches, a reinforced base, webbing carry handle and manufactured in high quality PVC, the bag is compact and suitable to carry a variety of stuff.

Easy access 17 slot tool roll with widths ranging from 10mm to 25mm. Fastened with 1” webbing strap and side release clip


Inner compartment with centre divider, Velcro fastened front pocket & padded shoulder strap… it’s a good sized kit bag great for everything, including your lunch & wet whether gear





Allen Key Touch Image T B 0709 Kit Bag LTB 0512 (Large) Lockable Tool Bag
Allen Key PouchT B 0709 Kit BagLTB 0512 (Large) Lockable Tool Bag

Manufactured in PVC plastic & designed to carry an average set of Allen Keys. Pouches can be made in a variety of colours


New to the range medium sized Kit Bag. A large stepped out pocket on the side and one on the front. Inner  is divided into 2 sections, which is subsequently divided into four


The LTB 0512 is popular, well designed and has multi purpose written all over it. Standard Colours are green and grey or blue and grey.




LTB 0412 (Small) Lockable Tool Bag B G B 06 Kit Bag Q MAG Kit Bag
LTB 0412 (Small) Lockable Tool Bag B G B 06 Kit BagQ MAG Kit Bag

A great bag which is fully lockable, the LTB 0412 has a wide padded shoulder strap, large front pocket for documents, tablets and Iphones and 2 "Billy Can" pockets on the other side with a curved zip top & double slides which lock.

A BIG gear bag has a water bottle pouch (which holds a 1L bottle) on one end and a pocket on the other side this bag has a generous interior, large front pocket, reinforced base.


Generous inner compartment with 3 internal pockets, all Velcro fastened, rounded zip top, reinforced base, padded shoulder strap & large outside pocket.





 RBM Bags are synonymous with quality and our current product range includes over 100 industrial tool and equipment bags, pouches, covers, shade sails and tarpaulins. For orders of 10 or more items, specialty bags or made to measure items, please contact the team at RBM and we will supply your company with a written quote within 48 hours.

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